Security Is A Major Challenge For Data Centers

By: Madeline Tenison

hp-lto-7-image-8As adoption of virtualization, big data and cloud services continues to grow, the interest in dependable and secure data storage has increased. They help in meeting the storage needs, but also come with challenges. With raising confidential information and data that is vital, handling the modern data centers presents a myriad of challenges. The significance of protecting information stored has risen in prominence together with the high profile attacks and organizations have had to place more emphasis on different factors where security presents a major challenge.

Organizations are working towards updating these centres to support growing data storage and management cyber attacks. The security options protect other safeguards against data security attacks and organizational information against unauthorized accesses. They help to enhance server security by enhancing danger detection and prevention and constantly track. The increase of large scale information services is generating an increasing need for the physical security solutions that safeguard them.

Sensitive data is stored by most datacenters, and physical threats to them are classified as natural disaster, physical noise and energy related problems. Increasing data security concerns in various sectors and rising government spending for data security and privacy concerns are the factors which are making the market to grow. Large-scale data storage facilities have the inclination produce heat that is greater and are liable to damage at high temperature making temperature control imperative. As a result, facilitate the cooling procedure and the service providers are striving to identify hot spots.

The major causes why firms build new data centers rather than outsourcing is because of the protection concerns, the security solutions are classified as security alternatives that were rational and physical security options. These centres are also being bolstered with bomb- resistant concrete walls and glass structures that were laminated to provide maximum protection for enclosures that house data storage devices. Physical security plays a vital job and the access is usually restricted to authorized persons.


Video camera surveillance and security guards that are permanent are almost always present if the data storage is large or contains information that is confidential and sensitive. Hence disaster management options and video surveillance are expected to make the highest earnings, in view of the fact that top priority is held by tracking of the data in comparison to installation of physical security equipment. For the reason the impact of physical catastrophes is that of intrusion, investment in physical security management solutions is high which could lessen the effects of a disaster. Disaster Restoration is another important factor which drives businesses to save information in data centers

The spending on data center security is immensely increasing as the Enterprises and service providers are upgrading their data centers handle the massive waves of cyber attacks and to support increases in data. Firms are investing so many resources into keeping their facilities and information guarantee creating an opportunity for established vendors and new entrants into the market. The data center security solutions consequently witnessing an impressive growth routine and is gaining prominence in recent years.

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