Online Data Storage Australian Citizens Personal Info For ESTA Visa USA Waiver Application

By: Madeline Tenison

When making travel plans for going to the US, if you are an Australian citizen then you should know that there is a special program called the Visa Waiver Program or VWP. You will have to apply for the ESTA Visa which is controlled and regulated by the Department of Homeland Security. There are a total of 38 countries that fall under this program and require its application approval before traveling to America. More than that, you always want to ensure that your personal information is backed up and saved through online data storage solutions, either personal or business cloud ones.

The ESTA Visa program has been established to upgrade security levels for travel by sea or air into the United States. The ESTA program adds to the Visa Waiver Program which allows foreign travelers who normally would need a visa to enter the US to get in without a passport. These people can still get in the US without their visa but they need to obtain a special travel authorization first.

ESTA is the Electronic System for Travel Authorization for Australia, and it is obtained from the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Customs and Border Protection. There is a website that allows individuals to apply for and obtain within moments the authorization needed to get in the US without a visa.

This type of travel authorization for Australian Citizens was made mandatory in 2007 but it does not affect all travelers to the US. It only impacts those travelers such as Australian citizens who are arriving by air or by sea. If a traveler arrives by land from Canada or Mexico, for instance, this authorization is not needed.

It also does not deem a passenger admissible into the US. Only the US Customs and Border Protection officers can determine admissibility when a person gets to the US. The system is very efficient in that the approval is sent to and remains on file with the United States Customs and Border Protection for up to two years.

How Do You Get An ESTA Visa?

This is not a special visa that needs to be printed out in paper form. It is only a special authorization granted through the US government website. This authorization is obtained by filling out the online form with basic information and submitting it for approval.

There are some unofficial websites that detail how ESTA can be obtained. These are informative, but the only real way to get the actual electronic authorization is through the official website.

When a traveler applies for ESTA, they are only doing so to remain compliant with US law and to obtain the right to get into the US. It is possible to be denied this authorization. Approval of the ESTA does not mean the holder has been granted any type of visa under US Law. If a person still has a valid visa they can, of course, visit the US, but they need the authorization. People without valid visas can obtain the ESTA across Australia, including contacting a legal consultant such as

Requirements For An ESTA USA Visa?

The first requirement for Australian travellers is to fill out the form available for ESTA online. The only website this can be done at is All information must be filled out including name, address, and passport number. You also need to answer where you are going to travel and answer questions about criminal history.

There is a fee to get the ESTA. Currently, this is a $14 US fee. This fee can be paid by credit card. The processing fee is non-refundable but the $10 fee for the authorization will be refunded in the event the application is denied. It only takes moments to get approval online but passengers are asked to obtain authorization at least 72 hours prior to traveling by plane or ship. In order to have the papers taken care of, you can reach out to an online agency such as ESTA Visa Australia.

If an Australian Citizen is granted the travel authorization it should be noted that it does not mean that they are guaranteed entry to the US. This is not needed for anyone traveling into the US by land and while there is no need to apply for it three days ahead of time, it is recommended to facilitate boarding plans.

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