HP Ultrium LTO 5 – Low On High, Cost On Capacity

By: Madeline Tenison

hp-ultrium-lto-5-image-1Companies have an obligation to comply with regulations that deal with destruction and the retention of records. Hence it is important that you comprehend the laws which is not irrelevant to the sort of company that you simply run. You may at one time or another be required to create your company records as evidence for various motives. You thus should be familiar with the present laws on storage of business records so that you’re not in violation of regulations. It’s consequently recommended to have a storage media that can save huge amounts of data at a cost that is low and safely. The HP Ultrium LTO 5 cassettes offer the best storage alternative so as to conveniently save your documents that are archival.

LTO Defined

Linear tape open (LTO) identifies a cassette technology that uses an open format. The open format means that LTO products from different manufacturers are not incompatible with each other. Users consequently have an extensive assortment of products to select from. The implementation of LTO technology through the usage of single reel, high capacity tape is generally known as the LTO Ultrium. Under the LTO application, you will find sellers who license the technology, and they must pass confirmation tests each year for conformity.


The fifth generation of LTO or LTO 5 is one in a number of generations. LTO 1 or the first generation was introduced into the marketplace in the year 2000. There continues to be a progress of the LTO technology from generation to generation. It comes an increase in capacity and a more rapid speed of data transfer, whenever a fresh generation is started. Progress of the technology has additionally brought with it added attributes like data encryption and partitioning, jointly with the write once – read many (WORM) capability

HP LTO 5 Attributes

The speed of transport of uncompressed information for HP LTO 5 is 140 MB/s while it’s 280 MB/s for information that’s compressed. The storage capacity for information that isn’t compressed is 15 TB while it’s 3 TB for information that’s compressed. LTO 7 drives can drives, and also read HP LTO 5 cassettes have compatibility as they are able to be read and written to by LTO 6. HP LTO 5 drives have backward compatibility as they may also read LTO 3 cassettes, and can read and write LTO 4 tapes.


HP LTO 5 cartridges supply higher speeds than LTO 4 cartridges to you, and the capacity is nearly double that of the 4 cartridges that are LTO. HP LTO 5 has the encryption ability, and it even offers partitioning. Partitioning ensures that there’s efficient direction of space and control of files through the linear tape file system (LTFS). Because of the use of magnetic particles which might be smaller and picture with a foundation that was smoother, the bit density has raised for HP LTO 5 cassettes. This implies the number of information that can be recorded in exactly the same span has risen. While HP LTO 5 cartridges have 1280 tracks LTO 4 cartridges have 896 record tracks. HP LTO 5 cartridges and they have the lowest price per GB of storage and a guarantee of 260 total copies, respectively.

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