How Do Businesses Benefit From Forward Date Testing Software?

By: Madeline Tenison

Businesses can benefit from using Virtual Clock Time Machine in so many ways. Companies, big and small, can make the most out of test automation, which this forward date testing software has to offer. To put it simply, this kind of application allows its user to time travel into the future, hence, the term forward date testing, as well as into the past, or back date testing. Users may even freeze the time and date as needed when testing an application. This software is particularly useful for all programs that are date and time sensitive. There’s no need to change the code, perform manual work, or isolate the server. Because of all these, a company could cut costs, time, as well as resources when conducting temporal tests.

Test Time/Date Sensitive Apps

The forward date testing software could help you with your much needed temporal test for all date and time sensitive code and functionality that may involve daylight savings time, leap year, billing, and so on. Executing such a test will help businesses find potential issues with their application. By having the ability to manipulate time, users of this software will get to determine if their business applications, which may be handling crucial tasks, will work seamlessly and correctly regardless of the date or time of day.

No Need To Change System Clock

Virtual Clock Time Machine offers thousands of virtual clocks that can be used simultaneously. Apart from not requiring code manipulation, the forward date testing software also does not need the system clock to be changed. It means that your tests will not have any significant impact on your daily operations. Bear in mind that tinkering with your computer’s system clock could lead to errors and delays especially if the modification is not permitted under certain conditions. It will also prevent the possibility of corrupting data in computers used for testing when the system clock is changed.

Boost Productivity

Also, since multiple clocks can be used concurrently, your testing team will also improve their work efficiency and productivity. With the use of forward date testing software, you will get to significantly reduce the number of days or months needed to complete the tests.

Environment Reloads Not Needed

Unlike the manual execution of temporal testing, the forward date testing software does not require environment reboots and reloads, which could damage the system or corrupt files. The software simulates temporary dates and times on the user level, without involving the core system files, thus, keeping undamaged and intact servers.

Compatible With Applications And Databases

The forward date testing software works well with various applications and databases like Java, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle Database, SQL Server, and much more.

Exclude Programs With Expiring Licenses

Virtual Clock Time Machine’s forward date testing software allows the exclusion of programs with licenses that would get affected when a test is performed. This is extremely important in various industries like banking, telecom, health, and insurance. Apart from that, duplicate systems for the sole purpose of testing will no longer be needed. Since there are 20,000 virtual clocks available, the user of the software can run a number of clocks at the same time. While other team members who are not performing the test could continue with their regular tasks.

Key Takeaways

As a final point, please bear in mind that you should use back date or forward date testing software if you are using applications that are date and time sensitive. Failure to do so might mean that you have to face problems in the future that would affect your operations. These issues might even affect your services and your reputation. But if you use this software, you will be able to detect potential problems that may arise in the future. You’ll get to fix them and prevent them from causing potentially irreversible damage to your business.

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